Make Windows 7 Operating System Boot Up faster and instantly

How To Make Windows 7 Boot Up Instantly – Working Tricks From Experts

Even though Windows has been designed to boot up faster than any previous operating system, it doesn’t always do so. This is inevitable if you use your computer frequently, as we have the tendency to load up numerous programs on our hard drives, which clogs up the system. 

As you keep on installing programs that run simultaneously with Windows when it boots up, it is a consequence that the booting process will become longer – most notably if the programs you have eat up a big chunk of your computer’s memory space. Another reason for slow booting up is that the registry of your PC will have settings that get corrupted or damaged, and this will make Windows much slower in accomplishing its tasks in the start up process.

How Can You Make Windows 7 Boot Up Faster?

Several techniques can used to help your computer start up faster. Take note that Windows 7 is actually configured to load and start up very quickly if it’s running correctly. Some of the things you can do would be to delete programs in the start up list or halt some features of Windows like the Sidebar, Aero Theme and Search Indexing. You can also remove services and visual effects that are not needed and eliminate the User Account Control feature. Lastly, perhaps the best way to make your computer start faster is to simply run a registry cleaner and fix errors in that part of the hard drive.

A simple first method we can try is to uninstall the unneccesary programs in the system that will automatically load up as soon as Windows starts. Booting time is definitely affected by these programs, as your computer will finish the booting process only when it has loaded every application that has been incorporated in the start up list. You have to identify these programs, and if you think they are not that useful, or if you decide they use huge amounts of resources and are therefore something you can live without, then by all means remove them from your PC. You can do this by selecting “Start” and then going to the “Control Panel” and then to the “Programs and Features”. From here, choose the programs and then press “Uninstall”.

These steps will delete the programs and you can expect your PC to speed up its booting time considerably after following the process. To make Windows boot even faster still, we need to eliminate the junk files from the computer. Dozens files are accumulated over time as you continuously use your PC, and most of them are regarded as junk; things like the temporary internet files etc. It is suggested that you regularly remove these files, including those you downloaded and items that were deleted but still sitting in the Recycle Bin, as these files have all been identified as making Windows boot up process lag.

Get rid of unwanted junk files by selecting “Start” and then going to the “All Programs” followed by “Accessories”. Then you can proceed by locating “System Tools” and choosing “Disk Cleanup”. Pick the drive that needs to be cleaned and then press “OK”. Windows will then calculate the disk space that would be freed up after running the Disk Cleanup. Once it is finished calculating, mark the check boxes located on the left side of the files that you intend to delete. Afterwards select “OK” and finally, press the ‘Delete Files”. Another option for deleting unwanted files is to “Clean up system files”, which can be found in the “Disk Cleanup” utility for Windows. Repeat the steps outlined above.

The final step is to clean the registry of your system. The registry is the central database that stores important file settings and options. Windows will read these settings in order to run and properly load up all of its files. As the registry gets damaged and corrupted (this happens a lot), it will cause problems and errors that will make Windows be unable to read many of these file settings. When this happens, Windows will run much slower, especially during the booting stage. To resolve this issue and speed up your PC’s start up process, you have to download and run a reliable registry cleaning tool.

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