ipad versus laptop vs netbook,notebok - Which is The Best?

iPad Versus Laptop Versus Notebook-Which is The Best?

All the ten listed top laptops for bloggers are bound to offer great services for blogging. They are all easy to carry around while still providing the blogger with high quality performance. Their tiny statures do not make them ineffective or slow laptops. Furthermore, this does not mean that they are only useful in blogging and nothing else. No. The fact is that when you are not blogging, you can use these laptops to do other jobs, or functions. They are handy for multitasking facilities.

The advent of great technological advancements have brought about wonderful gadgets hitherto thought unimaginable only a few years ago. A few of these gadgets that a short while back were thought of as nothing but a luxury  are gradually becoming as necessities, including iPad, laptops and notebook. Out of these three gadgets, iPad is the most recent creation for the other two have been in the market for quite a while now. They have functional similarities and differences as well.

Areas of Differences between iPad vs Laptop vs Notebook

1.      Typing Speed : One of the areas that provide great differences in the functions of iPad, Laptop and Notebook is that of typing. Currently, it appears that the laptop provides better speed for people interested in knowing how the three measure up in this regard. You can type nearly twice as many words on the laptop as you can on the iPad and notebook. However, for short blog posts and messages or typing work, iPad and notebook appear to provide more enjoyment.

2.      Keyboard position : While this may not appeal to many people, it is only when you get an iPad that you will notice the difference. When looking at the iPad versus laptop versus notebook issue, you will notice that with the iPad the keyboard can be positioned either on the portrait or landscape orientation. This can reduce the monotony that is associated with typing. However, if you desire traditional keyboards, then the laptop and notebook provide the best option for you.

3.      Multitasking features : In most quarters, it appears that the laptop and notebooks have been given a thumbs up over the iPad as regards multitasking features. Some of the latest notebooks come with features that allow the user to open several windows side by side and monitor all the work being done at any given moment. This is not a strong point of iPads. If you need to multitask, then you must close the window or app you were working on previously

4.      Pricing : At the end of the day, this is one of the main factors which drives some people to purchase one and leave the other one. It’s relatively cheaper to get a good iPad than it is to get a good laptop or notebook. An iPad would require around $199 minimum to purchase, while it can go up to $499 maximum. Laptops and notebooks, on the other hand, are priced at rates that start from $449 and may go all the way up to $999.

5.      Software and Screen Resolution : When viewing images on either laptops or notebooks, you enjoy resolution of up to 1366 x 768 pixels while those of an iPad are 1028 x 768 pixels. In essence this means that the image looks better on the laptop or notebook than on the iPad. Laptops and notebooks have space for more software than iPads.

 Looking at iPad vs Laptop vs Notebook, it is all about the purpose or kind of work you wish these devices to help you perform. An iPad is more about fun while laptops and notebooks are more about getting the work done.

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