How to remove spyware with McAfee?

I've determined that my pc is infected with spyware. Every link I click gets redirected, my pc is slow, and there is a note named, problems, which I did not write. The note says this:

1. you may not connect/perform windows updates
2. you cannot turn off/on your firewall
3. you cant disable your antivirus software

And yes, it was all written in lowercase. I actually went on my firewalls, Windows and McAfee, and they were both turned off and I was not able to turn them back on. I am doing a full scan with McAfee right now. If McAfee can't find the spyware, what can I do? I am not hiring someone to manually remove it.

Do a full scan with Avast Free Antivirus Its the number 1 in statistics and popularity

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Or if you want a spyware remover SpyBot Search and Destroy is number 1

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If your PC is slow then get CCleaner, It cleans up files and registry

Official Website:

Or Get TuneUp Utilities 2013 for the 15 day Free Trial

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And then Defragment Your hardrive. All Problems Solved.

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