RegCure - Easy, Fast and Automatic Computer Error Repair Software for Windows 7, Vista, XP, ME, 2000, 98

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Did you know that most Problems in your Computer like Windows DLL Error Messages, PC Freeze & Crashes are just the symptoms of your PC Registry getting corrupted? This is because your Windows Registry is the nerve center of your Computer without which your PC or Laptop cannot function. Your PC Registry is continuously referred and changed by Windows as well as all the software you install and use. Thus the PC Registry size and errors in your PC registry also increases with regular Computer use.

The biggest problem is from cheap and free software which write wrong entries in to your Windows Registry during installation and also fail to remove these wrong entries when they are uninstalled. This causes Windows Error Messages, like DLL Errors, Kernel Error, Runtime Error, Windows Explorer Crashes, Mouse & Key Board not responding etc, leading to a windows halted blue screen and your computer freezes or hangs. Unless removed, these registry errors will slow down your PC & Laptop performance and will crash your Computer with total data loss.

RegCure Registry Cleaner is a powerful small 2 mb software that can fix all your PC & Laptop Errors in 2 minutes and Optimize your Computer for High Performance. You do not need to open up your PC, you don't have to reinstall Windows or call any technician who will charge you hundreds of dollars and many days to fix these simple problems you can easily fix yourself at home. All you need to do is to Download, Install and Run RegCure in your PC or Laptop and fix all Windows and Software related problems of your Computer & Speedup your PC in under 2 minutes.

RegCure Automatically Detects & Repairs all your PC & Laptop Problems and Optimizes your Computer for High Performance in 2 minutes with its advanced cutting edge PC registry repair technology. You Don't Need Any PC knowledge to do it because RegCure is designed to be very simple to use with just one mouse click. RegCure has been tested and certified 100% Safe by Softpedia. Softpedia is the most trusted and respected Authority for Online Software Certification in the world.

Over 63 million pc users and companies from over 100 countries world wide use RegCure to keep their PC and Laptops running error free at peak performance. RegCure Registry Cleaner is better than sending your PC to a technician who takes days to fix your PC problem and charges you hundreds of dollars to fix the problems you can easily fix in less than 2 minutes with RegCure. And what more, RegCure is Absolutely Free to Download (1.3 mb only). Repair your computer problems yourself and optimize your Windows PC for high performance now. RegCure is simple to use & is designed to Repair Windows 7 & VISTA XP 2000 ME 98

Fix these Errors in Your Windows PC Automatically
Windows Explorer Errors
Windows Installer
Exe Errors
Windows Operating System Problems
Registry Errors
Stop Errors
DLL Errors
Runtime Errors
IExplore and System32 Errors
System Crashes
Slow PC Performance
Chkdsk Issues
Computer Freezing
Internet Explorer Errors
Driver Errors
Corrupt Registry Files
Task Manager related
Computer & Application Shutdown
"My computer is slow!" Issues
Virtual memory
Memory dump
Windows update
Windows Vista Performance Tweak
Page File
Slow Shutdown
Windows Startup
Windows Cleaning Tips
Excess Windows Services
Hard Drive Errors
Scan Disk
JavaScript Errors
Dr. Watson Errors
Hardware Malfunction
Modem Errors
File Extension errors
Spyware and adware
SP Errors
XP, 2000, 98 and ME Issues
Installing / Uninstalling Software Issues

RegCure Features

A few of the features of RegCure Registry Cleaner are as below : -
Automatic/Manual Removal
Shows scan progress

Back-up Registry Built in scheduler

Compress or Defrag Registry

Manage/Cleanup Startup Programs

Scans for Invalid Program shortcuts
Removes Duplicate files
Deletes empty registry Keys
Checks invalid Class Keys

Checks Shell Extension

Checks invalid Help Files

Checks Invalid Shared known DLL's

Checks invalid Paths

Checks Application Path Keys
Checks Invalid Fonts

Checks Invalid File Types/Extensions
Repairs Windows 7, XP, VISTA, ME, 2K & 98


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