How to Use Windows Defender to Scan for Spyware

This article guide is about scanning your pc in order to increase speed of your pc and enhance performance. Start a Scan now and go ahead to read up the guide

Several programs are in use today that you can use to scan and clean your computer to maintain a healthy long life for your system. It is enviable in most cases that you will have to load a fresh copy of Windows Vista on your system but regularly scanning the system with Windows Defender prologs things like this.

Step 1 Start by deciding what type of scan you want to run. You can scan the most common areas that spyware is found, you can scan a custom area which is the files and folders you choose, or you can choose to scan the whole system. For my maintenance schedule I run a short scan at least once a week. This is changed to about every 3 days if the speed of my system starts to slow down. I also run a full scan once a month to get the uncommon parts of my computer.

The following guide steps can serve you a reliable trick to scale through perfectly:

# Step 2 To run a quick scan click start then all programs and double click Windows Defender. This will open a new window that contains a few options. For the quick scan click Scan and enter your password if it asks for it.

# Step 3 The custom scan requires you to click the down arrow next to the scan button and then click custom scan. Click the "scan selected drives and folders" and then the select button. You should be able to pick the files and folders at this point and then click ok. You might be asked to enter your password.

# Step 4

For the full scan hit the down arrow next to the scan button and click full scan. Again you may need to enter your password if a prompt comes up.

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