How to Uninstall Unwanted Programs?

As we know that it’s more difficult to uninstall programs than installing them. It’s observed that programs always leave their update folder or some DLL files. Some programs even leave their registry values in system registry. That’s why these programs still pop up after being uninstalled and strange DLL errors appear. Control panel is the most common method to uninstall a program. But it can’t completely remove all components of a program.

Users sometimes want to uninstall and reinstall a program, but there will be a pop up saying that program has been installed and our users can’t find it. Some users want to change their anti-virus or anti-spyware and uninstall them thru control panel. When they install another anti-virus or anti-spyware, there is another pop up saying their previous anti-virus or anti-spyware is still there, please uninstall it first.

In the above cases, users can’t find the uninstalled programs nor install the new ones. When users uninstall programs with Perfect Uninstaller, it will uninstall the program and scan the registry for the left over entries as well as drivers for the left over files. These three steps ensures a complete uninstall of any program. Users can use its Force Uninstall feature. What they need to do is to right click its folder or any file, like its shortcut, and Force Uninstall it. Perfect Uninstaller can uninstall those programs that are invisible in control panel. With it, users can easily clean up all files of any program without anything left behind.

You can download Perfect Uninstaller and have a complete uninstall.

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