How to Connect Your Apple ipad to Your TV - DIGITAL TELEVISION

The Apple ipad is a great device for laying in bed and watching a movie on Netflix or laughing at videos from Funny or Die, but sometimes you want to see them on the big screen. So how do you connect your Apple ipad to your TV - DIGITAL TELEVISION? Whether you have an old television set from the dark ages or the newest HDTV - DIGITAL TELEVISION on the market, it's actually rather simple to get your Apple ipad connected to your TV - DIGITAL TELEVISION. And these methods work with both the Apple ipad and the Apple ipad Mini.

Connecting the Apple ipad to Your TV - DIGITAL TELEVISION With Apple TV - DIGITAL TELEVISION and AirPlay

Apple TV - DIGITAL TELEVISION is the best way to connect your Apple ipad to your TV - DIGITAL TELEVISION. In addition to streaming Netflix, YouTube and your iTunes collection, Apple TV - DIGITAL TELEVISION supports AirPlay, which means you can stream apps like Crackle, a free app with movies and TV - DIGITAL TELEVISION shows from Sony Pictures Entertainment Company. And even with apps that don't directly support AirPlay, you can use Display Mirroring to replicate your Apple ipad's display on your TV - DIGITAL TELEVISION.

Apple TV - DIGITAL TELEVISION is more expensive than some of the other options, but it is also the only solution that is wireless. And being wireless will really come in handy for games like Real Racing 2, which fully supports AirPlay to deliver a console-like experience. Read the full Apple TV - DIGITAL TELEVISION review.

Apple TV - DIGITAL TELEVISION also works great with the iPhone and iPod Touch, allowing you to both stream video through AirPlay or just use your entertainment system's speakers to play music.

Connect the Apple ipad to your HDTV - DIGITAL TELEVISION through HDMI

Apple's Digital AV Adapter will allow you to connect the Apple ipad to your TV - DIGITAL TELEVISION through an HDMI cable, which transfers both HD-quality video and sound. The original Apple ipad is capable of 720p video with the Digital AV Adapter, and the Apple ipad 2 and Apple ipad 3 support up
to 1080p.

Like connecting with Apple TV - DIGITAL TELEVISION, hooking up an Apple ipad with the Digital AV Adapter supports Display Mirroring, which means you'll see your Apple ipad's display even if the individual
app doesn't support video output. This is great for watching Hulu Plus on your HDTV - DIGITAL TELEVISION.

You can also stream your movie collection from you PC to your Apple ipad to your HDTV - DIGITAL TELEVISION using home sharing. This is a great way to finally switch from DvD and Blu-Ray to digital
video without losing the ability to see it on your big screen TV - DIGITAL TELEVISION.

The Digital AV Adapter is also a great solution for the iPhone 4, iPhone 4S and 4th
Generation iPod Touch.

Connect the Apple ipad through composite/component cables

If your television doesn't support HDMI, or if you are simply running low on HDMI outputs on your HDTV - DIGITAL TELEVISION, you can also opt for connecting the Apple ipad to your TV - DIGITAL TELEVISION with composite or component cables. The composite adapters break the video into red, blue
and green, while the component adapters break it convert it to the single 'yellow' cable compatible with older television sets.

The component and composite cables will not support the Display Mirroring mode on the Apple ipad, so they will only work with apps like Netflix and YouTube that support video out. They also fall short of 720p video, so the quality will not be as high as the Digital AV Adapter or Apple TV - DIGITAL TELEVISION.

Connect the Apple ipad with a VGA adapter

By using Apple's VGA adapter, you can hook your Apple ipad up to a television equipped with an VGA input, a computer monitor, a projector and other display devices that support VGA. This can be great if you have a space computer monitor. And because many newer monitors support multiple display sources, you could even switch between using your monitor for your desktop and using it for your Apple ipad.

The VGA adapter will also support the Display Mirroring mode. However, it does not transfer sound, so you either need to listen through the Apple ipad's built-in speakers or through external speakers hooked up through the Apple ipad's headphone jack.

If you are planning on watching through you television, the HDMI adapter or the component cables are the best solutions. But if you plan on using a computer monitor or want to use your Apple ipad for large presentations with a projector, the VGA adapter may be the best solution.

My Apple ipad is connected to my TV - DIGITAL TELEVISION. What now?

Once you have your Apple ipad linked up to your TV - DIGITAL TELEVISION, you can really start to do some cool things. The Apple ipad can be a great way to watch Netflix, Crackle or Hulu Plus movies, and if you are using Apple TV - DIGITAL TELEVISION to connect the devices, gaming on the big screen is very
cool. But did you know you can gain access to your entire movie collection on your PC?
Apple ipad 2 vs Apple ipad 3 vs Apple ipad 4: Which Is the Best Buy?

Despite the Apple ipad 4's release, Apple is continuing to produce the Apple ipad 2 as a slightly-cheaper entry model. The Apple ipad 3 represented the biggest upgrade to the Apple ipad since the original model was introduced by Apple in 2010, with a faster processor and a new high-definition display leading the list of improvements over the Apple ipad 2. And the Apple ipad 4 improves upon this by super charging the processor. But which one is the best buy?

A similarly-equipped Apple ipad 4 will cost roughly $100 more than the Apple ipad 2, while the Apple ipad 3 will cost $50 more and may be harder to locate as Apple switches over to the newest Apple ipad. If you are looking to save a few bucks, you will want to evaluate how you will use the tablet to determine which model to purchase.

The Apple ipad 3 and Apple ipad 4 Shine With the Retina Display

The first thing that stands out about the Apple ipad 3 and Apple ipad 4 is the improved "Retina Display", which features a resolution with four times the detail as the original Apple ipad and the Apple ipad 2. The 2,048 x 1,536 resolution provides 264 pixels per inch (PPI), which is so detailed that the human eye cannot tell individual pixels apart when the device is held at a normal viewing distance. The enhanced display also means support for 1080p video, which is a nice upgrade from the Apple ipad 2. HD movies can be downloaded from iTunes, but Netflix and Hulu will need to update their apps before HD is fully supported.


Apple's "intelligent assistant" technology is only available on the Apple ipad 3, Apple ipad 4 and Apple ipad Mini. And while it might be easy to dismiss this feature as something that is more useful on a smartphone than a tablet, it does provide several cool features. Tops among these added features is voice dictation, which is great if you want to write a long email but don't have a wireless keyboard, but other features like easily setting reminders or putting events on your calendar are very nice.

Apple ipad Gaming

In addition to pretty apps and 1080p video, the Retina Display provides graphics that can rival what we see on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. The Apple ipad 3 took the Apple ipad 2's chip and added a quad-core graphics processor, so the Apple ipad 3 can dish out these graphics at an increased rate. This means we won't just be looking at stunning graphics, we'll be living in amazing new worlds.

The games may not be quite as in depth as what we see on consoles, which can often dedicate 7 GB for a single game, but the ability to produce hardcore games grows with each new generation of the Apple ipad.

The Apple ipad 4 Adds Speed

Apple pulled a stunner when they announced the Apple ipad 4 at the Apple ipad Mini event, but in many respects, the Apple ipad 4 is the Apple ipad 3... only faster. The newest Apple ipad cranks up the processing speed with the new A6 chip, which is roughly twice as fast as the Apple ipad 3's A5X chipset. The new Apple ipad also includes a better front-facing camera, and support for dual-band channel bonding Wi-Fi, which can increase connection speeds at home. It also adds extended 4G LTE support for international regions.

None of This Makes the Apple ipad 2 Obsolete.

Games and applications will continue to support the display resolution of the original Apple ipad and the Apple ipad 2, with many not even making the jump to the new Apple ipad's higher resolution. And while the Apple ipad 2 doesn't support 1080p video, video still looks very nice on the device and the tablet does support 720p playback when connecting the Apple ipad to your HDTV - DIGITAL TELEVISION.

And with the Apple ipad Mini using the same central processor as the Apple ipad 2, we know Apple believes the Apple ipad 2 is plenty fast enough for most purposes. In fact, the Apple ipad Mini ensures that developers will continue to support the same screen resolution and processing speeds for quite some time.

Apple ipad 2 owners may miss is Siri, which won't be coming to this model. But while Siri has a lot of nice features, it is hard to say it alone is worth the increase in price.

But Before You Buy an Apple ipad 2...

The best buy right now may be the refurbished Apple ipad 3. The 16 GB WiFi version can be as low as $349, which is cheaper than a new Apple ipad 2. And while supplies last, some retailers will be selling off the last of their Apple ipad 3 tablets, which will be discounted around $50.

Prospective buyers may also want to look into the Apple ipad Mini. While it is smaller than and Apple ipad 2, having a 7.9 inch display verses a 9.7 inch display, it is just as powerful as the Apple ipad 2, has better cameras, supports Siri and costs less.

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