fix pc windows registry error by removing spyware

Increasing Your computer/laptop Speed With A Hard disk registry error fixing software or registry error cleaner

Maintenance on your computer needs to be done regularly to keep it operating and functioning properly. That does not necessarily mean you have to hire someone else to do it. You may find it hard to believe but keeping your computer operating at a high speed and functioning properly is simple as knowing your ABC's.

Here are 5 simple and easy steps to do just that:

Run An Pc antivirus software And Spyware Do deep registry scan - Getting rid of these bugs really improves performance. They are huge factors in the efficiency of your computer/laptop. Good free pc antivirus software is Avira. It is lightweight as well so it won't bog down your computer/laptop. You computer needs a good pc antivirus software; software like a car needs oil. This is especially true if you surf the net a lot. There are tons of people who will attempt to steal your information. Never leave your computer/laptop unprotected.

Disable all irritating Start-Up Installed software or program random access memory - RAMs - This is easy to do. Simply click on 'Start', then 'Run', and then type 'msconfig' into the pop-up window. Then locate the startup tab, click on it, and from there you can disable what you don't want loading when your COMPUTER/LAPTOP starts up.

This can improve your speed.

Free Up Space On The Hard Drive - A full hard drive runs slower than a half full hard

drive. It is the same as bigger people tend to run slower than smaller people (as a

rule although not always). So free up space on the hard drive and you will see an immediate improvement in overall performance.

Check To See How Much Memory You Have - Anything under 4 gigs today is considered low.

No need to worry, the fact is that Random Access Memory - RAM is really cheap and very easy to install. You can do it all by yourself. No need for me to write you a tutorial here but more or less just pop the stick into the empty slot.

Invest in a Hard disk registry error fixing software or registry error cleaner - This cannot be overly stressed. One of the major causes of a slow COMPUTER/LAPTOP is a registry full of errors and damaged or redundant files. Hard disk registry error fixing software or registry error cleaners are designed to do deep registry scan of your computer/laptop and locate corrupted, obsolete, and duplicate registry keys and then remove them. This one act of maintenance can make a world of difference in your computer/laptop performance.

These five step-by-step can help you to prolong the purchase of a new computer/laptop for a very long time.

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