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A Popular Hoax Related to Movie Download Sites:
As more and more movie lovers look for ways to steer clear of devastating lawsuits, many have been lead like lambs to the slaughter to pay for P2P software that is in fact already free to use.
The most popular hoax out there is Kazaa Gold. 

Basically, the Kazaa Gold software is simply the Kazaa Medial Desktop Pro that has been previously downloaded by someone, and then offered to customers for an outlandish price of about $40.
Even though Kazaa is the site most frequently corrupted by deceitful people, there are others like WinMX, which has also been tainted. 

You will see that you can pay well over $20 for access to websites that offer “unlimited movie downloads” only to get p2p software such as Limewire, Morpheus, eDonkey2000 and Grokster, which is already free to use.
Sites such as these are sly in displaying "The best movie download source available”,”80 million movies online”.

In 2003, a single P2P network made an effort to get rid of such deceiving practices. 

That network is Sharman Networks. This network sent a DMCA violation report to Google requesting that all links to Kazaa Gold be removed. Initially, the effort was a success. However, still to this day if you enter the phrase "kazaa gold" into the Google search engine and you will get hundreds of thousands of hits for this appalling software. 

Another program that was violated in the same manner is WinMX. There was a lack of information to be found on the official website and updates were quite scarce. Many fell victim as they searched for updates to the program. 

As of Fall 2005, thanks to a lawsuit, the official servers and website for this particular program have been offline.

A Widespread Hoax Perhaps the thing that should scare you the most about illegal movie download sites is the rapidness at which they are multiplying and becoming even greater in abundance. Illegal movie downloads sites have grown like an incurable disease among the world of file sharing. Even some of the number one P2P portals hosting their share of shameless advertisement traps for these fake movie download sites.

It takes a considerable amount of skill to avoid the great quantity of fraudulent sites on the Internet. In fact, not becoming a victim of these fake sites takes as much, if not more, dexterity and expertise as the precautions you must take against viruses and legal action.

Why They Do What They Do
The truth is that programs for peer-to-peer file sharing are free. However, that does not stop the numerous Movie downloads P2P illegal sites on the Internet to try to get you to pay a high price for them instead. 

The majority of these movie download sites are rapscallion companies that have built their business around taking advantage of unsuspecting Internet users searching for movie download programs by charging to use a service that is otherwise free. 

In addition, there are also some programs, such as BearShare and LimeWire, which offer upgrades to the "pro" version of their otherwise free software. If you chose not to upgrade and instead continue to use the basic version of the program, you should not have to pay any fees. 

It is critical that you know this because paying money to these illegal sites not only lightens your wallet, you may also be putting your computer at risk of falling victim to hazardous spyware.
You see, these movie download site successfully dupe you into paying for free software and services, and then again, from the spyware that is installed on your personal computer. 

They continue to make money at your expense by selling your personal information and online habits to others.

Knowing A Fake Movie Downloads Site  For beginners, just starting out in the world of Internet movie downloads can be a bit much to take in all at once.

 This is mainly due to the fact that you see advertisements for movie download sites everywhere online.
Major search engines come back with illegal site-filled results intertwined with legitimate movie download sites.
Everywhere you look you see banner ads and promotions for movie downloads trying to get as much money from you as they can for the free software. 

The fact is that the majority of authentic file sharing programs do not advertise very much online.
The reason being that they are not out to make money; therefore genuine P2P sites do not have the funds to pay for advertisements and instead rely on word of mouth to keep their programs going.
Illegal sites have plenty of money for advertising coming from their customers. 

Remember that it is still illegal to share and download movie files that are copyrighted.
With more and more individuals becoming concerned with RIAA and MPAA lawsuits, many are being lured to these false sites by attention grabbers such as "Millions of movies online".
Some of these sites sites even go as far as to use falsified recommendations and endorsements from authentic companies.

In addition, you should also keep an eye out for phrases that make undeliverable promises such as, ="Unlimited Music Downloads" or "80 Million movies online".

How They Get Away With It As mentioned earlier, all P2P file sharing programs are available for free.
This is the reason the RIAA and MPAA are so hot headed, because no royalties are received when movie files are shared at no charge.

However, if you do not pay for your movie downloads individually or pay some type of membership or subscription fee to download music, movies, applications, etc.
you have no way to ensure the files you receive are legal. It is perfectly legal to possess movie files, rip music from CDs that you purchase to your PC and burn movie CDs for private use. 

On the other hand, when you share or download these files, you break copyright laws.
Illegal P2P movie sites do not break the law they simply convince people to pay for something that they should be able to access for free while making then unaware that they are break the law using the service provided. 

Where To Turn

With the popularity of downloading movies from the Internet on the rise, more and more people are looking for legitimate movie download sources.
P2P programs connect hundreds of thousands of users, allowing them to share and download files as they wish.
This sounds like the perfect way to build your movie collection. Unfortunately, this method of acquiring movies online is illegal and can bring serious trouble your way. 

The majority of movie files provided by free P2P file sharing programs are the property of individuals or corporations that have not consented to the offering of their movies for free.
These movies are legally protected and if the owner does not receive compensation, it is considered stealing.
The No Electronic Theft Act was passed in Winter 1997, criminalizing the illegal downloading of protected movie files, even when no financial profit is made. 

The Recording Industry Association of America and MPAA since then has made it a priority to aggressively prosecute anyone found guilty of sharing or downloading movie and music files online.
Fortunately, there are sites like imoviesclub.com that offer legitimate and legal movie downloads to registered members for a minimal subscription fee. 

The movie files on the site are licensed, enabling you to download legally and safe from malicious spyware and lawsuits.
You will enjoy access to a wide selection of movies that are legal  to download.

The best thing about is that it does away with the "per download" fee that many other sites feature should your purchase the unlimited movie downloads membership. 

You pay one low price for the movies that you want to receive. There are no restrictions on time or bandwidth because all files are downloaded directly from the servers.
At imoviesclub.com you can download files to your hard drive and you may choose to burn the download movies to a disk or watch streaming movies on your computer.

All of the titles are licensed and completely legal. Downloading movie files from other sites can result in expensive legal fines or even a little time behind bars.
File sharing from P2P networks are simply not worth the risk. Download your movies from sites who are licensed to deliver them.
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