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Less and less people are making the trip to the movie theater to see their favorite stars in action. The lines are long and the prices are high. More and more people are finding other ways to see the movies that they want to watch, without the hassle of going to the theater.

Your first choice if you want to watch movies is to purchase the DVD or Blu-ray disc once it is available for purchase. For about $20, you get one movie that you can watch over and over as many times as you like. This is not the best option for someone who enjoys watching lots of movies.

Your next option is to go to your local video rental store. Movies become available to rent on DVD or Blu-ray at the same time they become available for purchase. The wait is typically two to three months or longer if the film is doing well at the box office. For around $4, you can rent the movies you want to see, but be sure to watch it and return it quickly or you will face late charges. Should you ever lose a disc, you will have to pay the rental store price, which can be hundreds of dollars, to replace it.

In addition, rental stores will only purchase a couple of copies to rent out to everyone. If you are not waiting at the door as soon as the store opens on the day the movie you want to see is released, you may find yourself waiting even longer. Some stores will hold movies for members, but most do not, especially new releases.

Now, let us get down to the real choice: the Internet. Thanks to technology, many of the movies we want to watch, new and old are available on the Internet. Depending on the movie download site you visit, film quality, sound and availability vary.

Your first online option is free P2P network sites. These sites connect thousands of users and provide an application that allows them to share files. This is legal for the site, but downloading and sharing copyrighted material is not legal.
The majority of the films, especially new releases, are the work of someone armed with a digital camcorder at the movie theater. The film is generally out of focus with bad sound. Occasionally, a DVD copy will surface, but the chances of it being in your language are slim. In addition you are at risk to be sued by the MPAA for illegal movie downloads and for the grand finale you are at risk your computer becoming infected with spyware, adware, viruses, etc.

The best option for watching movies is through legal movie download sites such as Movies Capital. This site allows you to pay one low fee for the movies that you want to watch or download. All of the movies offered on the site are fully licensed. This means that since these movies are legal and abide by all copyright laws they are all risk free and fast to download.

Unlike with the local rental store, you do not have to hurry and watch the movie to avoid late charges. That is what makes downloading movies from the Internet so fantastic. You can watch the movie immediately streaming right on your computer. If you do not have the time for a movie right now, simply download it to your hard drive and watch it when it is convenient for you. If you want to watch movies on the go, you can transfer files to your mobile device easily. If you want to watch movies with your family on your television, all you have to do is burn to a DVD and you are ready to watch. offers you exactly that with unlimited movie downloads legally and the lowest prices on the web
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