how to protect your computer data from virus attack,spyware and hacking

How to Prevent Hacking of your data, e-mail, credit card, facebook accounts: 

Computer hacking can occur in a number of ways. Your computer system itself can be hacked and mined for personal information. Your blog or website can be compromised if a hacker obtains your password. Your email can be hacked if you click on a fraudulent link and you may not be able to retrieve your email and other information you've registered in your account. Use these steps to safeguard your computer and prevent computer hacking.

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1 Perform required software updates for your operating system and web browser.
  • Hackers attack where they see weakness. A system that hasn't been updated recently has flaws in it that can be taken advantage of by hackers.
  • Go to the Microsoft Update website to download patches and secure the most recent version of your operating system. If you have a Mac, click on the apple in the top left of your screen and choose "Software Update."
  • Type your browser plus "update" into a search engine to find the company's site and download the newest version.
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  • Firewalls forbid outside threats such as hackers and viruses from gaining access to your system.
  • Personalize your firewall settings during the setup process to reflect how much data you want to allow into your system from the Internet.
  • Update your firewall regularly.
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Change your passwords every month.
  • Use multiple, intricate passwords for each website you log onto. Banking and other financial websites are especially important to maintain security.
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Purchase or download anti-virus software.
  • Many computers come pre-installed with certain anti-virus software, but if not, or if you want more powerful software, research online to find what product suits you. Anti-virus software is crucial to keep your computer healthy. A "sick" computer, or one racked with viruses, is more susceptible to hacking.
  • Set your preferences so your anti-virus software updates automatically.
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Install anti-spyware/adware programs onto your system.
  • This type of intrusion is not as dangerous as a virus, but adware places advertisements onto your browser and incorporates pop-ups into your programs. This can slow down your computer, making you vulnerable to a hacker. Spyware can survey your Internet behavior and copy your passwords to use for illegitimate purposes.
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Delete emails from unknown sources. Never click on an emailed link that looks questionable. 

Always be aware!

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