How I Clean Up My Entire PC In Just 2 Clicks!
Cleaning up the entire registry and files on a PC will usually take you days just to do that. And don't get me started with unused languages and search history on my browser. Also, you need to separate useless files from the ones that your computer needs to keep on running, not to mention being careful enough to make sure that your settings do not change and not ruin your entire core system. So, all in all, detoxing your computer from unwanted files and useless data will probably take your sanity away from you.
But do not despair. There is this new application that can do all of these things in just two clicks. You read that right, two clicks.

Yeah, this may sound too much but it actually is not. Detox My PC has been my best friend since I almost threw my computer out the window due to frustration. If you are wondering why, read the story below.

Great Story without the Hype

So I was using my computer to do some important documents, researching on the Internet to gather information for my report when everything just stopped. My computer froze because it was too slow. I could not open new tabs on my browser and my document isn't loading and everything was in a jumble.

Needless to say, I got really frustrated and hit the restart button to no avail. I realized that my computer had been giving signs that it would do this for the past couple of weeks or months. But I was so busy so I ignored it. Then, doomsday came and my computer won't work like it's supposed to, not to mention my deadline is coming up.

Being Introduced to the App

So, I called my friend, who happens to be a programmer and asked if he can fix my computer. He took one look at it and said that I need to detoxify it. Of course I laughed at his joke but he never cracked a smile so I asked if he was serious. He was and then I got a little worried about how well he knows his job. Then, he opened a tab on my browser and typed 'Detox My PC'.

Experiencing the 'Power' of Detox My PC

I was puzzled at first as computers are just machines so why detoxify them? He told me to not question the power of programmers and just try the darn thing out. Well, the app was on sale so I bought it anyway.

I was surprised at how great the interface was, but I thought that most apps nowadays were just made appealing regardless of how useless they are. But I was shocked to see the results after just a few clicks of my mouse and a short while of waiting for the scanning, cleanup and detoxification process to be done. My PC has gotten so much faster and my hard disk had gained so much free space.

I thought that detoxifying computers was a crazy idea but after I have tried Detox My PC out, I'm not going back to old school PC cleaning. Now, aside from my body, I'm detoxifying my PC as well.
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