Acer Recovery CD:Restore failed! Reason: 0xf0000051

What error messages appear during an Acer Recovery procedure?


On Acer Computers, there are generally three partitions on the hard drive, the hidden PQService partition that holds the recovery information for the hard drive, the main partition (Acer), and a data partition (AcerData). When you try to use the Acer Recovery CDs or DVDs to reinstall the operating system, you may encounter either the 0xf0000051 or the 0xd0000017 error. Both errors happen during the system restore. First you start the computer with the Acer System disk and then put the Recovery disc in when it asks. Its during this part of the recovery that the above error messages might appear.

These error messages appear because the file structure on the hard drive is not what the recovery program expects, therefore the recovery software fails with an error.
How Do I Correct the Error and Recover an Acer Computer hard drive?In order to correct the hard drive partitions so the recovery program will work, you can use a variety of tools listed below.

1) killdisk - Use the killdisk program to wipe the hard drive clean off all partitions.

2) Ubuntu or another Linux alternative bootdisk.

Create a boot disk for the Ubuntu Live CD and boot the computer from it. During the boot process it will ask to "Try Ubuntu without any change to your computer". This is the option you want. Once Ubuntu loads, find the partition editor program under the System, Administration menu..

To delete a partition, right click on the partition that you wish to delete and select "Delete" from the menu. Once you are sure that you've selected the correct partition, and are positive that you have backed up all the files or data that you wish to save from that partition, click the "Apply" button at the top of the Window, and the partition will be deleted.

3) Use the Acer Hard Drive Format Utility, on some versions of Acer computers when you have the option to create Recovery disks, the system creates a hard drive format utility CD as well.

Boot from this CD and format the hard drive.The utility will recreate 1 partition (C: drive), after the partition has been created, you'll be able to reload the HDD with the backup media. The file is an ISO image for CD media only (not compatible with floppy diskettes). Create a CD disc from the ISO image file using a CD writer program on another computer. Once the hard drive partitions have been deleted by any of the utilities above, you can proceed with rebooting the computer using the Acer System CD and proceeding with the complete recovery of the system.

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