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If you want to know how to speed up slow Windows XP, there are good news and bad news. The good news is that there are a thousand and one things that you can do with regards to how to speed up slow Windows XP. The bad news is that, the causes of Windows running slow can vary to a huge extent and it is sometimes very hard if not impossible for lay men to find the root of the issue. This article will look at some common causes as well as their solutions.

Too many unnecessary programs installed.

This is a very common issue and people trying to find out how to speed up slow Windows XP should first look at this aspect. Go to the control panel and scroll through the list of programs, chances are you will find some programs that you no longer need. Uninstall these.


With more and more browser tools like toolbars and free software downloads online now, this has become one of the most common causes of Windows slowing down. What happens is that when users install free software or toolbars for their browser, hidden programs may be installed and are kept running every time Windows starts. These take up memory resources. One spyware may not do much but when you have more of them, the effect is quite substantial. Download spyware removal tools like Spybots or Adware to address this issue.

Unwanted files.

Cleaning up unwanted temp files, cookies, downloaded programs from browsing the web will help to address some of the issues on pertaining to how to speed up slow Windows XP. You can use the Windows Disk Cleanup tool to do this. Open My Computer, right-click Local Disk, and then click Properties. On the General tab, click the Disk Cleanup button.

Corrupted or Unwanted Registry Entries

This will also happen over time. With the installing and uninstalling of software and device drivers, the Windows registry accumulates a lot of junk data overtime and this can affect the performance of Windows as it constantly refers to the registry for various tasks. Use a registry cleaner to remove junk entries.

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